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Each board member was selected based on their personal belief that there is a need to support today's youth by creating financial resources for the attainment of continual education.  We recognize that the key to our success is our ability to work collectively toward the same common vision.  

Terrence Martin, Atlanta
Founder and CEO

Terrence Martin currently resides in Atlanta, GA. He is a college graduate from the University of Tennessee at Martin and Northern Illinois University with multiple degrees in education, organizational policy and educational leadership.  He has been instrumental in shaping the lives of youth all over the country.  His continued capacity of building organizational success and creating opportunities for today's youth is what drives his passion to make a difference.  

Eric Gordon, Chicago
VP of Marketing

Eric Gordon is a college graduate with a degree in Information Systems.  He has been in the Direct Mail industry for 24 years and is the father of 3 children.  His entertainment platform has set him apart as a very strong and independent promotor for Chicago Style Steppers and Contemporary Jazz events.

Gregory Nell, Fayetteville
VP of Project Management

Currently, Gregory is the Director of Plans and Strategy, US Army Reserve Commander. A seasoned, management professional with over 33 years of military and civilian experience in mid and top-level operational, executive decision making and leadership positions in a wide variety of local and international assignments. A strong record of achievement and expertise in areas of strategic, operational and long-term planning; policy and program

Vanessa Jenkins, Charlotte
VP of Strategic Planning 

Without a doubt, Vanessa is a woman of class and dignity. She is known for originating the Queen City Steppers organization in addition to providing dance instructions in the Charlotte community. Vanessa has previously hosted day activities during the signature CIAA weekend in North Carolina. She is also a member of the Gifted League of Women of the Carolinas aka (GLOW).

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